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Calculating Correlations and R Squared Values with Alteryx

I’ve been busy on a bunch of big projects lately as you can probably tell by my neglected blog.  Today I tried a new tool and thought I’d share how it works and how it can be improved on using … Continue reading

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Building a Fill Down Macro in Alteryx

Anyone working with Excel data inevitably encounters the situation where data needs to be “filled down” to blank rows below values. Suppose, for example, that you wanted to convert this data:               Into this:

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Hacking Alteryx – Editing XML Directly

Ok, ok, maybe this isn’t technically hacking, but it sure feels like it!  While at the Alteryx Inspire conference this year I learned that you can actually access the XML behind any workflow tool effectively bypassing the GUI entirely.  Granted, … Continue reading

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Converting Data Types in Alteryx

One of the most common tasks in any ETL project is converting data types.  When data begins in the form of a text file or (even worse) a formatted excel file, one often has to load the data as text … Continue reading

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How to Increment in Alteryx

While Alteryx has many great functions right out of the box, I realized one thing they’re lacking is an increment function (or at least I haven’t found one).  Anyone who’s worked with SQL is familiar with the Identity data type … Continue reading

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