Alteryx Inspire 2015 Highlights

I just got back from a great week in Boston at the Inspire conference.  It was exciting being around 800+ other data enthusiasts, though I have to say it was humbling too, seeing all the great work everyone else is doing.

Here’s a snapshot of me and my coworkers at the conference:

I especially enjoyed a talk by Chris Love and Team from the Information Lab, showcasing projects they’ve done with Alteryx.  It was inspiring seeing how Alteryx is being used to pull together such a broad range of data to create visualizations that are much more than the sum of their parts.

Another highlight of the week, was getting to talk with Ned Harding, Alteryx’s CTO and and the master mind behind the tool’s core engine.  Be sure to check out his great blog about Alteryx.

I came away from the conference with my list of questions answered, a bunch of really handy new concepts (which I hope to share in the coming weeks), and a renewed interest in using Alteryx to further enhance my company’s PromoAdvantage and WorldView services which both depend heavily on complex data harmonization.

…And my new hobby is going to be playing around more with APIs as a means of scraping data more easily from the web.  There are some amazing opportunities out there as the number of APIs increase.

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