Starting a New Chapter

It’s been nearly a year exactly from when I wrote my last post!  Time flies when you have a busy job and family life.  A TON has happened in the past year and I’m excited to share some new developments.  Last year at this time I had begun transitioning systems to Exasol.  How has it gone?  Well, a year later those sames systems are still running just as fast and stable as when we first built them.  Exasol has been great yet surprisingly we have decided to move on to a different platform.  Let me explain…

I work for TABS Analytics, a consulting company in the CPG analytics field.  Being a consulting company, our data volumes and needs are constantly changing.  This past year we acquired another company and our capacity needs suddenly jumped.  We originally chose Exasol when working on a particularly large client project which out-grew SQL Server’s performance capabilities.  Exasol was a HUGE improvement over SQL Server and has a fairly rich feature set.  It performed well for our needs but the transition from SQL to Exasol proved fairly arduous and we didn’t end up migrating the rest of our systems over.

Time past, and we, like all companies, continued to accumulate data in multiple places and systems.  Later this year I embarked on a new strategic initiative to consolidate all our data assets on a few (hopefully one) system.  Exasol was still an option, but over the past year new competitors had emerged and developed rapidly.  After much research I settled on testing Snowflake and Azure Data Warehouse.  I setup trial accounts with both and put them through some solid real-life tests.

In the coming weeks I plan to post my findings and announce what we chose to go with.  For someone who grew up with SQL Server, the results are pretty exciting!  I’ll leave it at that for now…

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